AlMajal Alarabi BIO Medical ENG DIV

Facility Management & Equipment


Given the importance and focus the Health Sector has received in the Kingdom, health services have grown to cover a large portion of the Kingdom. With the provision of new university and ministry affiliated health centers, clinics & hospitals, as well as those provisioned for by the Ministry of Health. All bodies play a significant role in the advancements conducted in the field of Health & Medical services. Which has led to the increased appeal for the Development & Modernization of Medical Equipment, Medical Machinery & related services. One of these challenges is acquisition of specialized qualified human maintenance cadres, subcontracts, and spare parts.

Witnessing this apparent & booming new market, AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co. invested in the establishment of AlMajal Alarabi BIOMedical ENG DIV specializing in the field of Maintenance & Repair of Medical Equipment and Machinery for hospitals and health facilities across the broad spectrum of Medical Specialties with technical, specialized and qualified cadres.

License & Maintenance of Medical Support Software


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