Ahdaf Company is one of Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co. companies. A national company specialized in the field of equipping and furnishing hospitals and health facilities. It provides its services through the marketing by it of a range of products qua exclusive approved agent and distributor for many European and American companies and factories specialized in manufacturing and securing of medical devices, equipments, machinery, and systems, in addition to the furniture and supplies for hospitals and health facilities of different types and sizes. In addition, the marketing, and securing of what is required by these facilities of needs that complement its products through its excellent relations in this field.

The company businesses include the provision of integrated services such as the supply, operation, and training of the products that it works on their marketing and securing, in addition to the after sale services it provides by providing of guarantee, maintenance, and repair of these products and services.

The company is keen to make its services outstanding and to seek the satisfaction of its clients through an integrate work team and specialized in the field it provides of services and products  of high quality, technical support from the manufacturing companies for these products, in such a way that guarantees the all time availability of spare parts, and the provision of these outstanding after sale services.


Ahdaf Company for Sophisticated Electronic Equipments seeks to provide the medical and non-medical services for the equipping of the Kingdom’s hospitals as per the world terms with the best potentials that provides the maximum comfort for the patients.

From the medical aspect we provide services in several departments and sections such as: Department of Sterilization - Surgical Equipment – Medical (Hospital) Beds - Dental Department - Nurse Call Devices - Department of Physical Therapy - Medical Supply units (Bed Overhead Units).

With respect of the non-medical services, we provide complete kitchen equipments, sinks, medical furniture, office furniture, morgues and mortuaries supplies.

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