Dulb Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd started in the year 1999 as a specialized company in the field of electrical and mechanical works, and the year 2002 witnessed its growth to an able company of implementing mega projects. It presence and expansion in the Saudi market through its affiliation to Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co. in the year 2007 to enhance its development and the growth of its business.

Dulb Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd has achieved the completion of large scale projects successfully in different cities and areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a highly experienced administrative team and long experienced qualified engineers and a trained qualified technical team.

As well, Dulb Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd depended on itself for the provision of its clients’ needs through the provision of value engineering services that realized a very large savings in costs without compromising either performance or quality.


Generation of electricity and distribution system
Air conditioning systems, air ducts manufacturing, and system controls.
Telecommunication Systems
Fiber optics distribution systems
Security systems
Building management systems
Fire alarm and protection systems
Medical gas supply systems and protection.
Public equipment installation systems
Cables Installation, joining, and connection.

The Electromechanical works were accomplished in the following projects