Al Majal Al Arabi Company Environmental Services Sector had demonstrated a remarkable supremacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the distinctive services it provides in the field of solid wastes management system, the works of environmental sanitation, and control of epidemics that are provided to citizens in general and to Greater Municipalities and Municipalities in particular.

This supremacy appeared by the high growth rates in terms of number and volume of projects which were allotted to it recently surpassing several prominent companies in this field. Out of the company’s concern for the regional expansion particularly in the Gulf countries; Al Majal Al Arabi Company Environmental Services Sector was approved in the field of waste management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in the state of United Arab Emirates.


Cities Hygiene and Cleanness

The collection and transfer of municipal solid waste (household)
Manual sweeping and cleanliness of the streets
Automated sweeping and washing of the sidewalks and squares
Cleanliness of the public gardens and parks
Suction of rainwater and the leaked water
Lifting of the large volumes of waste Cleanliness of beaches
Lifting of anonymous source construction waste
The establishment and operating of transitional stations
The establishment and operating of sanitary landfills and dumps

Field of Environmental Sanitation and Control of Epidemics in Cities

Entomological exploration works
Pest control work
Acts of rodent control
Acts of anti-stray and biting animals
The work of mechanical controls
Outreach and awareness programs
Remote sensing programs
Locust Control works
Equipping and operating of laboratories

Field of Plantings’ Irrigation and Maintenance

Irrigation of gardens and plantings
Maintenance of gardens and plantings
Set up maintenance of irrigation networks
Palm pruning

Field of Commercial Activities

Collection and removal of solid wastes services
Automated sweeping services
Removal of construction and restoration wastes services
Hygiene of commercial centers and cleanness of residential compounds
Control of epidemics and insects services


Prominent Projects and Achievements