Al Fares Al Qawey Co. for Maintenance and Operation Ltd was incorporated in the year 1423H, and it is one of the Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co. companies working in the field of supply / catering, its businesses include the field of nutrition and catering of cooked foods and supply of food stuff as per the best and highest catering services with the high quality specifications in a competitive prices with confirmation to excellence, which gave and allowed the company to acquire a good reputation in the Saudi market, acquiring it with more opportunities of expansion in the market and realization of leadership. “Al-Fares Al-Qawey” adopts a professional strategy in the approach of serving cooked catering as per the highest health safety standards and specifications agreed on with the different contracted parties.

The Company has prepared highly capable human cadres enjoying professional administrative and profession skills paying attention to tiniest detail of the preparation and serving of cooked catering. The company owns its own warehouses secure all necessary for the administration and operation of the company’s projects. “Al Fares Al Qawey” provides its services to the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education’s Restaurants, and the Ministry of Defense. As well, the management of the projects of sister companies in the group.. it has achieved success in its outstanding services and superior performance in the integrated supplies and services throughout the Kingdom.

Prominent Projects and Achievements