Manaret Alofoq Catering is one Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Group companies that specializes in the provision of nutritional services of cooked and uncooked healthy foods to hospitals and individuals in accordance with the highest health and nutritional standards, in addition to the agreed specifications with the clients according to the needs of this sector and acquired a first class (category) classification in the field of catering services to medical centers as well as to the individuals.

Manaret Alofoq Catering possesses a large fleet consists of different capacities and specifications vehicles in terms of refrigeration and freezing to be appropriate with the nature of the food stuff being carried to catering locations of the company that cover all parts of the Kingdom and followed up by the headquarters in Riyadh through GPS system. As well, the company equips the kitchens of its affiliated project with the best and most up to date world cooking wares with highest hotel specifications.

The company owns a main warehouse in the city of Riyadh electronically linked with several sub-warehouses all over the Kingdom. This system is being run by a team of excellent specialized employees and technician from the national and foreign work force in the field of catering and trained according to highest world standards applied in the field of catering services provision such as (HACCP, ISO 22000.)

Prominent Projects and Achievements