Given the importance of the health sector in the Kingdom that is one of the first facilities to receive the special care and attention of our government, the health services covered the entire parts of the Kingdom in addition to the university and ministry affiliated hospitals let alone the ministry of health. All are playing a significant role in the field of health and medical services, which led to the increase of demand for the development and modernization of the medical equipments and machinery and their accompanied services such as the securing of specialized qualified human maintenance cadres, subcontracts, and the spare parts.

The company had seen that and decided to enter into the investment in this field of maintenance and repair of the medical equipment and machinery for hospitals and health facilities in its all-different specialties gradually by the setting up of a specialized section within the general maintenance sector. That encouraged it to take that step given what is in the company acquisition of qualifications and expertise that help it in the management of the activity with knowledge, confidence, and deliberated steps, thus supported this sector with administrative and technical qualified cadres.


The maintenance and repair of medical devices and equipment through the provision of scientifically qualified and practically trained human resources and accredited by support entities and specialized bodies.

Conclude subcontracts for specialty apparatuses with agents.

Securing the spare parts needed for maintenance and repair.

Repair and provision of computer software made especially for technical support to manage.