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Ahdaf is a specialized Service Provider in the Supply of Medical Equipment & Furnishings for Hospitals and Health Facilities. We are the exclusive, approved agent and distributor for many European & American International Brands specialized in the manufacture and production of Medical Devices, Equipment, Machinery, Systems, Medical Furnishings, and Supplies. We provide integrated solutions that include the supply, operation, maintenance & repair, training, and after-sales services towards the guarantee of our Client’s uninterrupted operations. We were established to supply medical professions with medical equipment products, as well as providing ongoing servicing, maintenance, repairs, and testing for their medical equipment.

Our goal is to provide personal, professional, and comprehensive advice on all medical equipment, whether it's over the phone or on site. We offer the latest medical equipment at competitive prices and immediate delivery. We work towards the provision of outstanding services and the satisfaction of our clients through the provision of integrated specialized teams that match the required work environment. This covers the full spectrum of services that include High-Quality Products and collaborative technical support from the manufacturing companies, in such a way that guarantees full-time availability of spare parts and the provision of outstanding after-sale services.

Medical Equipment & Furnishing Planning


Maintenance & Repair of Medical Equipment & Machinery


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