Almajal Alarabi ICT

Telecom Services & Equipment

: Residential, Commercial, & Governmental

Recognizing the vitality & growth potential of this industry, we emerged in this market with the foundation of AlMajal Alarabi ICT, one of the largest and leading technology-based investment companies in the Saudi market. The company carries out significant investments in the field of telecommunications and information technology, telecommunication networks, electrical & electronic businesses, and services complimented by the Operations and Maintenance sister company.

We follow a unique approach in the provision of information technology and telecommunications solutions, which are characterized by effectiveness, high quality, and a value-based cost system scalable to the client’s needs. The company has specialized engineers and highly experienced consultants. The primary objective of the company is to contribute towards the evolution of the field of telecommunications and information technology, in addition to the activation of the Saudi youth role in this sector.

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