AlMajal Alarabi BIO Medical ENG DIV

Facility Management & Equipment


  • Given the importance and focus the Health Sector has received in the Kingdom, health services have grown to cover a large portion of the Kingdom, with the provision of new university and ministry-affiliated health centers, clinics, and hospitals, as well as those provisioned for by the Ministry of Health. All bodies play a significant role in the advancements conducted in the field of Health & Medical services, leading to the increased appeal for the Development & Modernization of Medical Equipment, Medical Machinery & related services. One of these challenges is the acquisition of specialized qualified human maintenance cadres, subcontracts, and spare parts.

Witnessing this booming new market, AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co. invested in the establishment of AlMajal Alarabi BIOMedical ENG DIV, specializing in the field of Maintenance & Repair of Medical Equipment and Machinery for hospitals and health facilities across the broad spectrum of Medical Specialties with technical, specialized, and qualified cadres.

License & Maintenance of Medical Support Software


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