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Founded in the year 1991 (1412H), AlMajal Alarabi Operation & Maintenance provides specialized services in the Maintenance & Operations for Buildings, Medical Centers, and Facilities.

Since the establishment of the company, it has demonstrated its ability and professionalism in the implementation of mega projects. This drove management to expand the business’ volume to include the maintenance of medical equipment and devices. The company’s management deliberated on the remodeling of Medical Maintenance Services & Solutions, to be partitioned from General Maintenance and Operations Services, as an independent service. This was due to the National Growth trend, the increasing demand for this Specific Specialization, as well as the increase in market-specific demands.

The company has been rated as a first-class service provider for General Maintenance and Operating activities in the field by the Contractor Classification Authority thanks to the impact of the culmination of business volume and the successful implementation of  Maintenance and Operating projects for a substantial number of governmental agencies.

Corrective Maintenance & Management

Operation & Maintenance/Facilities Management

Preventive Maintenance & Management

Operation & Maintenance/Facilities Management

Facility Integrated Operations & Maintenance Processes

Operation & Maintenance/Facilities Management

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