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Dariyah, a SAR 64 billion development project, is a 7 km2 mixed-use historic, culture and lifestyle destination. Dariyah will become the Kingdom’s historic and cultural heart, proudly showcasing to the world Saudi Arabia’s 300+ years of history through an engaging and inspiring set of heritage, hospitality, education, retail and dining experiences for residents, tourists and frequent visitors. The new global landmark, Dariyah, will be created in a Najdi architectural style and showcase authentic Saudi Arabian environments.

The historic town of Dariyah will be transformed into a global tourism destination with its main anchors rooted in its historic culture and heritage. It aims to be developed as an urban, mixed-use development inspired by the principles of both new urbanism and historical Najdi architectural typology. It will be home to more than twenty luxury and ultra-luxury hospitality venues offering genuine experiences that reflect the rich history and culture of Dariyah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, the destination will include museums, galleries, restaurants, retail experiences, public squares, hotels, multiple recreational spaces, residences, educational institutions and offices.

Project Owner

DGDA – Dariyah Gate Development Authority

  • Project Summary


    Operation & Maintenance
  • Scope

    Facility Management
  • Project Duration

    3 Years

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