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Manaret AlOfoq Catering was established by AlMajal Alarabi Holding Co. with the objective of catering healthy food services to hospitals and individuals in accordance with nutritional specifications and requirements.

Conforming with the highest health and nutritional standards, we have attained a 1st Class Classification in the field of catering services to medical centers, Hospitals and individuals / Companies.

This classification derived from quality certifications and recognition by all governmental bodies & all major consultative offices in the Kingdom. We possess huge and different capacities and specifications in regards to refrigeration and freezing matching the nature of food being delivered to client-specified catering locations all over the Kingdom.

Catering services are maintained through GPS Tracking services at the headquarters in Riyadh. The kitchens of our affiliated projects are equipped with the latest top-notch cooking wares, tools, equipment and specifications.

Closely monitored by a main warehouse operated by a team of specialized employees and technicians in the field of catering.

A network of several sub-warehouses operate all over the Kingdom is one of the main strength that Manaret AlOfoq embrace and leverage on to deliver in a record time to our clients.

We ensure that our clients are served in accordance to the world-wide standards (HACCP, ISO 22000) applied in the field of catering services provision.

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