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The business of Al Majal Al Arabi Company: General Maintenance and Operating Sector has commenced in the year 1991 specialized in the maintenance of buildings and medical facilities or centers.

The company proved its worthiness and ability for the implementation of mega projects professionally, that driven its management to take the step of expanding the business volume so as such to include the maintenance of medical equipments and devices. The company management considered the separation of “medical maintenance” from the general maintenance and operating to become an independent sector due to the increasing of the national trends and the increasing demand for this Specific Specialization from one hand, and the raising of demand indicators for it, and its by and large growth on the other hand.

The rating of the general maintenance and operating sector Company in the first class in the field of medical centers maintenance by the contractor classification authority was the normal natural result of the business volume and the excellence of implementation results that cover the maintenance and operating projects with a large number of government agencies.