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Al Qiam est. for Trade and Import set off since the year 1982 as the first exclusive agent for Otto Bock German Co. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for equipment and workshops of artificial limbs and the components of lower and upper artificial limbs and raw materials and its supply to both the public and private sectors, as this company [Otto] has more than 90 years of experience in the field of artificial limbs and orthoses with the world accuracy and quality standards.

Al Qiam Est. managed to study the needs of the Saudi market to provide assistance to “persons with special needs or the handicapped” to retain a maximum of physical, mental, social, and professional abilities, and the ability to move and travel independently so that this category might have a better socioeconomic life through the provision of these best in the market products always. To follow up the technical developments and modern and latest capabilities in the field of electronic upper and lower limbs that simulate the natural parties. Out of which for example, but not limited to Dynamic arm – C-leg – Genium and silicon alternatives.