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The new leading project in the region, which will make your life easier, closer and more connected with the world around you through a Metro & Bus network covering most of Riyadh city with different modes of Transit systems.
This new public transit system provides citizens with advanced solutions for moving around the city easily. It allows driverless trains cars equipped with cutting-edge technologies and Wi-Fi, you will feel the new century with this new revolutionary transit system
Enjoy benefits of Riyadh metro during going from Home to University, or from your workplace to any of government bodies without suffering of daily traffic jam and finding a parking space for your own car. Riyadh metro project offers you integrated solutions starting with cars parking spaces, multi-lines bus network, and cutting-edge metro equipped by latest technology and much more exceptional service…
Riyadh metro will add real impact changing the face of the city through iconic modern stations, special colors for each line, and wide green spaces surrounding stations & lines.

  • Project Summary


    Operation & Maintenance
  • Scope

    Facility Management
  • Project Duration

    10 Years

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