Engineering services relating to building design, construction
and maintenance form the core activity in our operations since
the company was founded.


Clients trust AlMajal Alarabi Construction to design all shapes of buildings and public spaces that suit communities and cities’ needs and taste. Our architect and design teams are experts in planning streets, parks, compounds, business centers, hospitals, hotels, and plazas; thus creating a sustainable society, connecting communities and protecting nature.

We design a wide range of buildings marked by universal design features that provide a healthy, comfortable environment for people. These designs provide usage of all types of utilities, easy maintenance, high efficiency for energy and water, implementation of new smart engineering systems including lightning, heating, air conditioning and entertainment.

We collaborate with our planners, consultants and engineers to create transformative urban & rural environment.


With an unwavering focus on quality, Al Majal Al Arabi Construction division provides general construction, project management, and skilled craftsmanship to exceed expectations on every task and project. Applying this expertise in each industry has granted our team the clients’ trust.

This experience and trust forms the basis of our foundation which is consistent with our mission and core values.

Al Majal Al Arabi experienced team and experts of engineers offers  consultancy and construction services in, building designs, construction management,  and supervision services.  We  serve as an engineering consultant and construction service provider  to  almost every type of project including, domestic housing, compounds, schools, universities, malls, hotels, resorts, sports centers, entertainment complex, offices, factories, hospitals and health centers.

Specialists at Al Majal Al Arabi Construction division have the ultimate knowledge to solve project challenges ranging from preliminary building structure designs to HVAC, MEP ,control systems,  fire-safety plans and diverse acoustical solution designs.

We value the partnerships we’ve created in the communities we serve, and take pride in having the capacity and capability in executing and building mega projects in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


We provide our clients with a personalized general contracting service, offering the resources, expertise, and leadership needed for the successful delivery of our clients’ construction projects. This is due to our efficient reputation and team of experts who have successfully built relationships with our subcontractors and partners. Together, we diligently work to develop the cooperation and respect needed to achieve our main goal, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

AlMajal Alarabi’s general contracting services provide the following: Outstanding quality control, Complete safety management, Experienced on-site management, Detailed project status reports, Change-order management, Project Feasibility Reporting, & Subcontractor review and management.


Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you  will be faced with a range of requirements during every phase of your construction project. Therefore, our project management services will provide you with comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for all types of your projects. As a regional leader in project management, we offer extensive experience in all aspects of construction. We help you reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule. In addition to the aforementioned,  we help you meet all applicable requirements, whether  mandatory, voluntary or client based.

In summary, we provide public institutions, private investors, real estate owners, insurers and construction companies with trusted project management in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, AlMajal Alarabi Construction division manageits projects by taking into consideration, time, cost and quality throughout a project’s life cycle: Project Start-up, Design Phase, Bid & Award Phase, Construction Phase, & Project Close-out Management Services.

Contact us or leave us a message, to provide you in details how we can assist  you in Regulation & Standards Compliance, Project Planning, Assessment/Feasibility Studies, Value engineering, Contract tendering, Multidisciplinary Bids, Design Management, Bid Management, Contract Administration, Program Management, Supply Chain Management, & Stakeholder Management Plans Solution & Services.


AlMajal Alarabi Construction is a professional property renovation company that offers a full range of domestic and commercial renovation and refurbishment services. We specialize in providing a complete project management solution, hassle-free, offering a one-stop-shop for all your renovation & refurbishment needs and requirements.

Clients are increasingly embracing new workplace strategies that require the adaptation of properties as: space efficiency allowing for less space by workstation, modular interiors, impact on air conditioning and ventilation, energy optimization, and the need for seamless technology, etc. Given this,

our Design & Project Management Team are ready to provide you with suggestions and advise to meet all  your requirements.


At the heart of our pre-construction services, our people understand the decisions made  at early stages of your construction project are vital . Hence, the decision to invest in the construction of a new building, renovating an old one, or expanding an existing facility, requires significant preliminary research and assessment to ensure that right decisions are made early on.

We provide comprehensive pre-construction services for projects inclusive of educational institutions, medical facilities, commercial buildings, and light manufacturing facilities amongst many others.

We strive to  provide our clients with information needed to generate sound result-oriented decisions when planning for their project.

Such information is provided by our experienced team of architects, engineers and contractors alongside of employing cutting-edge technology.  Want to learn more about Cost Estimation & Budgeting, Site selection & Assessment, Scheduling, General Contractor, Regulatory & Standard Compliance, Material Selection & Procurement, Sub-contractor Selection, Value Engineering, Constructability Review, Or Virtual Design & Construction Solutions and Services? Contact Us now or drop us a message. our representatives will shortly answer all your inquiries.




What we Do

Serving across 10 industries, we are committed to the provision of the highest global standards of quality and services of products throughout all stages of any given project.