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Da’erat Anzima is the sole and exclusive agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  to operate within the field of Vertical Transportation (Elevators & Escalators), and to  supply low-current Safety Devices such as surveillance cameras, fire sensors, and alarm devices.

Since our establishment, we have elevated our market position  through obtaining quality certifications and recognition by all governmental bodies &  major consultative offices in the Kingdom.

Over the span of our work, we have partnered with global companies namely Axel Europe (incorporated in Milano in 1989) and Total International (founded in Australia in 1994). Both of whom have obtained significant world certifications for elevators and escalators (Vision 2000 ISO 9001), and are in compliance with the European (EN 81), the British (Britain’s DDA), and the Saudi (SASO) standards. We have a diverse skill set and offer Vertical Transportation with the choice to pick from Gearless Machine, Gearbox, and Hydraulic Systems.

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